Our family has been with Dr. Wock for over 10 years now.  Lake West Chiropractic & Natural Health sets a different standard in the marketplace and really have your best interest at heart.  From the moment you walk in, to the care that is provided during the appointment and then walking out is second to none.  They are an office that cares about your overall health and have a heart to serve the community.  Dr. Wock treats you like family and can help ANY age.  We have been blessed to watch their office grow and provide even more care than just adjustments; whether you are challenged with headaches, aches/pains in your joints or injuries do to sports, you are in the right place.    

Our daughter is a 9 years old gymnast that works out 20 plus hours a week in the gym.  Recently she had a severely sprained ankle.  It was not broke but an orthopedic said she would have been better off to have it be broken.  They put her in a boot for 4-6 wks and on crutches.  Five days later she was still in severe pain and so we decided to go see Dr. Wock on day 6.  We should have gone in to see him sooner.  But like most people I didn’t think “chiropractic care” right away! 

The first appointment, Dr. Wock did a regular adjustment, an adjustment on her ankle along with other treatments.  Ahnna left the office and that night was able to put pressure on her foot!  I was shocked!  She was no longer in as much pain after one treatment.  I know we don’t always think of chiropractors doing that type of care however, Lake West Chiropractic & Natural Health is set apart from others in this marketplace.  Ahnna would have been in a boot for 4-6 weeks, doing rehab after the boot and then slowly doing rehab to get her back to 100%.  Instead she was in it for ONE week.  I don’t know all, but I do know if you are having ANY issues with your body just do yourself a favor and at least talk with Dr. Wock.  He will walk alongside you in the healing process and if he cannot help you he will refer you on.  You have nothing to lose and honestly everything to gain….we have our little girl back and it is all due to the care that Lake West Chiropractic & Natural Health is able to give their clients and in this case Ahnna. We are honored and blessed to be working with someone of his caliber.  He is about getting you results today!  The team there has been so helpful with effectively equipping us with any paperwork we have needed along the way.  If you are serious about getting out of any type of pain that you are having call today and schedule your appointment. 

Cadie K., Andover MN 2016

I have been under Dr. Wock’s care for several years. He has not only treated me professionally, but he treats me with empathy and always has a smile and it’s encouraging.

I am an older woman, soon to be 80, with many aches that he treats. A few years ago I had a reaction from a medication in my face which left me with some paralysis. The neurologist said there was nothing they could give me to change it, it could get better, it could get worse or stay the same. Dr. Wock began working on my face and the pain, paralysis and slurred speech has disappeared.

At another time, I feel flat on my back from a high step onto a concrete sidewalk. Within an hour, I saw Dr. Wock. He assured me that I had not broken any bones and gave me natural medicine I was to put on my head and back. I awoke the next morning with no swelling or bruising.

I am very grateful for a chiropractor and medical doctor that work hand in hand to keep me going.

He also has a great staff!

Anne W., Plymouth MN 2015

I have been receiving chiropractic and therapeutic massage care from Lake West Chiropractic & Natural Health for over six years and during that time have received exceptional, personalized care from all staff members.  There is always a solution to whatever ailment I have, so it came as no surprise when Dr. Wock suggested the Core Restore BT program for me.

I couldn’t sleep at night, I was sluggish, fatigued, angry, sad, depressed at times, disappointed in life, a bad digestive system, no motivation, somewhat bitter, and drained of all my energy, my mood was sour, and I was not getting enjoyment out of life.  No matter how much caffeine I drank, how often I exercised or how early I went to bed, I still felt sluggish and tired every morning.  I was in tears when I asked Dr. Wock what to do.  He suggested the Core Restore Program.  He explained that it is typically a weeklong detoxification including a rather strict diet, core restore drink mix, and vitamins.

After reading through the booklet that comes with the product, I thought all my problems would be solved including my lactose intolerance!  My ultimate hope, though, was to restore my energy levels, sleep at night, feel refreshed/rested in the morning, have stable emotions, a stable digestive system, no stomach aches, happiness, enjoy life, motivation, hormone balance.

Dr. Wock suggested giving up caffeine and beginning the meal plan a week prior to the detox, that way it would not be as difficult to jump into once I began the actual program.  I believe that helped in my success greatly.  The first two days of fasting went well although I was very tired.  Meal planning was the biggest challenge I faced, but with the help of the Core Restore guide I sorted out what meals to eat when.  My favorite still today is the breakfast smoothie, so quick and easy and I can have it on the go in the morning.  It was recommended that I do the detoxification for two weeks to make sure that all toxins were out of my system.

The results of the detoxification were not instantaneous.  The first week was tiring but going into the second week my energy levels began to pick up.  By the end of the second week, my sister even commented, “Wow, you are so much nicer to be around now!”  I can officially say I sleep though the night, wake up rested and refreshed, caffeine is only a special treat now and then, and being awake is a breeze!  My energy has returned which in turn has brought enjoyment and happiness to my life again.  I feel normal now and I hadn’t felt that way in at least a year.  It was amazing how much those two weeks did for me.  While I am still lactose intolerant, my digestive system is regulated and I avoid dairy. 

I honestly cannot say how happy I am today!  My friends and family see the change, I have been told I look younger somehow; I inadvertently lost over 10 pounds, and feel wonderful.  Dr. Wock still treats me regularly with adjustments and it is so fun to update him on the latest things I am able to do now with my restored energy!

~K.Swanson of Burtrum, MN 2013

I would like to give thanks to Dr. Wock.  My Mom was in a car accident and started seeing the doctor for the pain she had from the whiplash.  She came home every week telling me how much he was helping her.  Every week I would lie in bed for two to three days with a terrible headache.  After many doctor appointments with a spine specialist as well as surgeons, and countless MRI’s (which were very scary for me), I was told that I have Spina Bifida Occulta.  According to those doctors, this has nothing to do with my headaches.  Being very involved in school activities, and more headaches on the way, I thought I would have to drop out of my after school sports.  Once again, after seeing another specialist, I was put on muscle relaxers and migraine headache pills -neither one did anything for me.  My Mom suggested that I see her doctor, Dr. Wock, just for the heck of it.  Well, I am now the happiest teen around!  I have been seeing Dr. Wock for three weeks and have only suffered one headache.  At this rate, I am going to be headache free forever.

Thanks Doc,

Madison H. ~Plymouth, MN 2013

In June of 2004 I was in a near fatal motorcycle crash.  I broke my neck, pelvis, nine ribs and eight bones in my right foot.  I spent 2 1/2 months in a hospital bed, four months with a walker and another two months using a cane.  Ever since that fateful day I have lived in pain.  Sitting, laying, walking or standing it did not matter.  Countless meetings with Orthopedics, Neurologists and Internists led to no results and an empty wallet.  I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to feel this way for the rest of my life.  The psychological weight of that alone was somewhat crushing.

About a year ago a very dear friend of mine starting seeing Dr. Wock.  He sang the praises of the good Doctor and suggested that I give him a call.  I am willing to admit that I was the worlds biggest skeptic.  My thought was, "not once during the last 5 1/2 years has any of my other Doctors had ever suggested going to a Chiropractor, there must be a reason".  (Seemed logical at the time, but we'll leave that rant for another letter.)  So I never made that call.

Two months ago after some prodding I made a consultative appointment.  At the end of our consultation, Dr. Jeffrey extended his hand and said, "I'm going to make you feel a whole lot better."  Let me tell you, he wasn't kidding.  This past Tuesday I laid down next to my wife on the couch.  She commented that I hadn't complained about my ribs in a while.  Later that evening when I went to bed I realized that after 5 1/2 years of living with pain in my rib cage, hips and pelvis, I was at that moment pain free.

No words can express my gratitude to Dr. Wock for the gift I was given, but I thought it important to try.

~Stephen C., Brooklyn Park, MN 2010

I would like you to know how VERY impressed I am over your care of my recent back problems. Thirty years ago I seriously injured several discs in my lower back. At that time I could hardly walk, I had lost most of the feeling in one leg, I couldn't sit or sleep because of pain and lived on muscle relaxers and painkillers. I spent over a year and one-half of doctoring with numerous chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons and finally ended up being hospitalized for several weeks until I finally got results.

Since that time, my back has occasionally given me problems, but I was always able to get it back on my own with exercise. While picking something up my back went out. It was very reminiscent of thirty years ago. I could hardly walk or sit. After several days I made an appointment with Dr. Wock. I am so impressed with how caring and attentive he was at my first visit and I experienced almost immediate relief. I have been so impressed with Dr. Wock's care and concern and that of the entire staff.

~Debbie R., Plymouth, MN 2009

When first being diagnosed with wrist tendonitis, I did everything the doctor said in order to recover quickly.  I iced it daily and rested my wrist as much as possible.  After a month with no significant improvement I went back to the doctor, who again told me to keep icing my injury.  A few weeks later, the pain began to spread up my arm and into my upper back.  I knew something needed to be done.  After a consultation with Dr. Wock, he informed me the pain might be due to the joints out of alignment. He helped me to see the difference in the range of motion in my shoulder and elbow.  I was extremely shocked that he knew when a movement would cause pain in my arm.  Immediately after my first visit, the constant pain I had before was no longer constant.  After the second visit, the range of motion in my shoulder was remarkably greater. During my third visit, I told

Dr. Wock I felt 100 times better and no longer had the pain in my arm or upper back.  I was amazed at how great I felt, since only weeks earlier I thought I would have the constant pain in my arm forever.  Thank you Dr. Wock for all that you have done.

~Katherine J., Plymouth, MN 2009

This is a huge "THANK YOU" for suggesting the Wellness Essentials for Women Vitamins.  For years I have struggled with eczema and rosacea flare ups.  I have tried dozens of topical creams and allergy medications-both prescription and over-the-counter.  After an application or dosage, the medication took the edge off the symptoms and provided some temporary tolerance for the itching; however the scars never really healed and when they did heal, the eczema patches would flare up somewhere else on my skin.  In February, I had an awful case of eczema on my hands, rosecea on my neck, forehead, face and eyelids.  Dr. Wock saw it and suggested that I begin to take vitamins with Omega 3 fish oils.  Within a day, I noticed the intensity of the flare up start to mellow, and within 4 days to a week the redness and swelling that comes with each episode was almost gone.  I have been taking the vitamins for one month and am happy to say that it seems like my skin is healing from the inside out.  The eczema is still pesky, but it is definately not as terrible as it was; and with time, I am remaining hopeful that this too will lesson.  Metals from necklaces, rings, bracelets and my watch really used to bother my skin; however for the first time in years; I was able to wear my watch, a ring on each hand and a necklace ALL day without itching.  I felt put together again.  Along with healthier looking skin, I have noticed some other positive side effects, such as alertness, less tiredness, shiny hair and healthy looking nails.  I believe they are a result of taking good quality vitamins.

~ Sue H., Maple Grove, MN

  • "Everyone at Lake West genuinely cares for their patients. I feel very much at home whenever I come in for an adjustment from the greeting at the door to the care taken to prepare me for my adjustment. Dr. Wock always makes me feel comfortable with his great sense of humor and positivity. I have benefited from regular monthly adjustments and strongly recommend Lake West to anyone who is looking for a chiropractic office."
    Michele, 2014
  • "I have been so blessed to find Dr. Wock and his team! After major surgery that left me partially paralyzed 3 years ago and another back surgery in August 2011, I have had enormous pain that medication could not take away. I decided to try acupuncture in December and through its cumulative effect have received benefit and continue once a week. I cannot begin to express my gratefulness for the pain relief I have gotten. The pain is there, but has become livable. I couldn't ask for more!

    Dr. Jeff has asked me several times to try coming in once every other week, but I don't have the ability to get here quickly (using metro mobility) and I don't want to change the relief I am now experiencing.
    The wonderful personality, kind and optimistic spirit that Dr. Wock displays has lifted my spirits as well. Thank you Dr. Jeff for all that you are doing for me."
    E.J., Plymouth MN, 2013
  • "I wanted to thank you for changing my life! I have had back pain for most of my life and have seen many chiropractors. I had come to the conclusion that I would always have discomfort and the infamous zingers in my lower back area. It was getting worse over the years and often I would have to go home and lie down and try to find a comfortable position. I was miserable. Then a dear friend of mine saw the pain I was in and told me about Dr. Wock. I never thought those horrible zingers that would bring me to my knees would ever go away. Dr. Wock changed all of that. I am a new person and I DO NOT have the zingers anymore thanks to him. I actually thought I had to live with the horrendous pain. You will always have a special place in my heart; I feel you saved my life! Thank you so much Dr. Wock for taking my pain away and giving me the freedom to live a normas life without back pain. You are the best at what you do!

    Sincerely and forever grateful,"
    Denise F., Coon Rapids, MN 2010
  • "I am a nurse and had a back injury at work. I was out of work for 4 months and had to have back surgery. I was slowly getting better for about 1 year and then began to have pain that woke me up in the middle of the night. I did not want to have surgery again. My daughter is a dancer and had been treated successfully at Lake West Chiropractic & Natural Health. I decided to try Dr. Wock and see if he could relieve the symptoms from my back injury. Dr. Wock relieved the symptoms of my back injury, but he also helped me with a shoulder injury I sustained in dance 7 months earlier. I had begun to accept my fate and thought I would have severe limitations for work and exercise. After 2 months I have returned to near normal function and I have high hope of completely recovering."
    Petra. S., Richfield, MN
  • "I woke up one morning and couldn't turn my head or even hold my head straight without excruciating pain.I had a hard time getting dressed and it hurt to comb my hair. I proceeded to go to work thinking it would get better; however suffered all day with no relief. A customer noticed that I was having trouble and told me about his chiropractor that helped him.To my surprise, Dr. Wock came in for lunch that same day and I asked if he could help me. Dr. Wock put his lunch on hold to meet with me immediately and knew right away what to do. After two days of treatment, I was able to sleep comfortably and after the 3rd day, I had full range of motion in my neck without pain. With Chiropractic and acupuncture, I feel better than I did BEFORE I hurt my neck. Dr. Wock genuinely cares and it is obvious he is doing something he loves. Thank you Dr. Wock, I will recommend you to my friends."
    Kris W. , Maple Grove, MN

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